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Why Use TalkToYourDoc

The TalkToYourDoc service improves the efficiency of the office visit while simultaneously empowering the patient. Current research indicates that there is a need for such a service because:

  • Increasing numbers of patients obtain health information from the Internet. Much of this information is confusing at best.
  • Growing numbers of patients are expressing dissatisfaction with their office visits and believe that their health care providers are not giving sufficient attention to their concerns during these visits.
  • News reports in the popular press can lead to confusion regarding health care options. For example, recent disclosures about the potentially dangerous side effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have caused anxiety among many women.
  • Health care providers, who have limited time to meet with each patient, find it difficult to spend additional time explaining complex health information. The limited time of the office visit becomes even more critical as patients arrive with questions or printouts from Internet sources that may not pertain to their own circumstances.
  • Though sources recommended by health care providers may be credible, most are not specific to an individual patient's circumstances or needs.

Pertinent articles and books are listed on the References page.