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We Welcome Investors or Partners

TalkToYourDoc is designed to increase meaningful communication between doctors and patients. It is a scientifically proven tool using proprietary algorithms offered through an interactive website that allows patients to create a customized list of questions relevant to their specific health situation. Patients complete a questionnaire that focuses on their health status, risk factors, symptoms, and current medications related to a particular health issue. Based on answers to the questionnaire, TalkToYourDoc will generate a printout with a concise set of personalized questions for the patient to discuss with his/her doctor. This printout enables a more informed and efficient discussion between patient and health care provider.

The TalkToYourDoc technology has been thoroughly tested in a clinical trial of the Hormone Therapy (HT) module. The very positive results were published in the January 2008 issue of the Journal of Women’s Health and concluded, "The web-based module increased patient preparedness for discussion and enhanced providers’ perception of patient engagement, relevance, and appropriateness of discussion on HT and increased visit efficiency." Trial results also showed TalkToYourDoc created a patient-centered visit with no increase in length of the office visit.

Eaker Epidemiology is seeking strategic partners, sponsors or investors interested in the long term growth potential of TalkToYourDoc. This partner would help produce new health modules, such as the diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s modules currently planned, as well as provide feedback and guidance in identifying additional uses for the TalkToYourDoc approach to health care. The primary goal of forming a strategic alliance would be to introduce the TalkToYourDoc technology to physicians and patients as quickly as possible.

We are committed to creating value for patients as well as health care providers through use of the TalkToYourDoc technology. Potential partners should share our goal of improving doctor-patient communication and promoting patient-centered care.

Investors or potential partners are encouraged to contact us at: .