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Informed Decision-Making with TalkToYourDoc

Enhanced communication with your healthcare provider will help you make an appropriate decision about taking hormone replacement therapy related to menopause. TalkToYourDoc was designed to strengthen the link between patient and doctor and to make the most of your next doctor visit.

  • Know what to tell your doctor:
    • Personal health history
    • Family medical history
    • Symptoms of menopause
    • Prescription medications
    • Over-the-counter remedies and vitamins
    • Current or previous use of hormones
    • Hysterectomy status
  • Know what to ask your doctor:
    • Questions pertinent to your health and medical situation
    • Questions about hormones and other preparations
    • How to control or prevent health conditions of concern to you
  • Help make the office visit more efficient and satisfactory for both you and your doctor.
  • Have appropriate questions and information to take to your doctor regarding menopause and hormone replacement therapy. Make notes of your doctor's answers to your HRT questions for future reference and consideration.

TalkToYourDoc can help you make an informed decision about taking HRT. Spend a few minutes using the TalkToYourDoc web-based questionnaire and take the printout to your next visit with your health care provider.

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