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Who Benefits From TalkToYourDoc

Both patients and health care providers benefit by focusing the patient's office visit through:

  • Preparation of the patient. TalkToYourDoc guides patients through factors related to their health concerns, preparing them for a more informed discussion with their health care provider.
  • Generation of an individualized health profile. TalkToYourDoc records information self-reported by the patient, giving the health care provider insight into the patient's understanding of his/her health status.
  • Development of a list of specific, appropriate questions. TalkToYourDoc creates a concise, pertinent list of questions for the patient to take to an appointment with his/her health care provider. Since TalkToYourDoc is based on the most current scientific research available and is generated from the input of the patient, it produces unbiased and objective questions.

The result is the facilitation of an efficient, focused interaction between patient and health care provider.